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Namaste Biodegradable Plates

Disposable Namaste 25/50/35/100 counts Party Dinner Plates,12.5 inch Platter Size, Eco-friendly Compostable Microwave Safe Biodegradable, Heavy Duty

  • 🍀 Four (4) Compartments to prevent liquids from mixing with dry foods and maintain their taste.

  • 🍀 MICROWAVE SAFE, non Soggy - Tried and tested. Our plates will not deform while heating the food in microwave.

  • 🍀 ECO-FRIENDLY - These plates are made from corn starch which can decompose to soil leaving no footprints behind. Studies indicate our plates convert to soil in 4-6 months when treated in commercial bio-degrading facilities.

  • 🍀 For Elegant & Grand parties which do not feel like a camping trip. OUR PLATES ARE NOT PLASTIC BUT FEELS LIKE ONE.

  • You can always buy on Amazon and Walmart. We do not have a storefront from here.

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Disposable Namaste 50 Bowls, Eco-friendly Compostable Microwave Safe Biodegradable, Heavy Duty

  • Come in packages of 50. Contact Walmart website for future buys

  • Artistic Design

  • Corn Starch Biodegradable Material

  • Small but deep for curry/sweets


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