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A32-1 Premium Small
A42-1 Premium Design
A42-2 Premium Design
A42-3 Premium with Tray
M32-1 Basic Design
M24-1 Small pooja mandirs
PB42-1 Low Cost Mandir
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 7 years and 1000+ satisfied customers.
 Premium Mandir's
(2016 designs)
Memorial Day Sale
Why our products are different and not cheap like IKEA

 Solid wood mandirs have similar strength as plywood and plywood is less costly. Hence we make mandirs out of plywood.Particleboard is cheap but not durable at all.
 Color / Style42" Rosewood (Summer Sale) 
32" Rosewood 
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 42" high Premium Mandir's
with Tray

 Why our products are different
- 1/2" back to mount photo frames (plywood models)

- Finished inside with same high quality finishes
- Made in Bothell, WA with highest grade plywood and wood
- No animal extracts used like in traditional cabinets
- We do not ship defective products at any cost
- We do not sell used/damaged mandir's
- We ONLY make mandir's, to support community

(Peace of Mind)
- Successfully serving for over 7 years
- Our mandirs are delivered completely assembled
- Our prices include shipping, we don't play games or cut corners. We would rather call you that we won't ship your order than ship a defective piece.
 RosewoodHand Finished test piece
32" high Mandir's

When comparing our products with others 

- No IKEA style hollow cheap particleboard

We install each bell precisely in the carving
 Color / StyleGolden Maple with Rosewood trim
24" high Mandirs
Economy Design
Simple and Elegant

 Color / StyleGolden Maple
 Premium Shikhar on special request

Fits all Mandirs